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Behind the Scenes at FHM - Intern Wardrobe

Behind the Scenes at FHM
Frederica Palmer

Normally when people hear the word intern they instantly think of some poor sap like Andy from The Devil Wears Prada.


What they don’t think of is afternoons spent playing Mario Kart Wii, cheeky Jägermeister shots on a Friday and free pizza and doughnuts on a regular basis – I may be the first ever intern to actually gain weight while on work experience!




I realise that from my summary it sounds like my work placement was more of a party than it was an internship, but contrary to what my dad believes, I did actually do some work during my time at FHM and learnt a lot in the process! For starters, I found out that ‘the bible’ does actually exist in the magazine world and is basically a mock up of what the magazine will look like when finished, allowing the editor to go over and check everything before the files are sent to print! Before my placement I thought it was a made up term designed to take the piss out of the fashion industry (whoops).




Another cliche attributed to us interns is that we spend all of our time transcribing interviews and making tea. While I did have to transcribe a few interviews I actually found the experience pretty enjoyable and learnt a lot from listening to the range of different interview techniques (I’m also now a massive Pro. Green fan after transcribing an interview with him). You’ll also be pleased to hear that I wasn’t once asked to make a cup of tea during my two weeks! That’s not to say I didn’t offer and if you ever find yourself interning I’d recommend doing the same, it’s a great way to get to talk to people on a one to one basis!




I also got the chance to pitch feature ideas, spend a day with the deputy editor and even got my own work published on whilst I was there! The best part of my internship though was definitely going to the pub with the team on my last Friday and getting to know everyone outside of work. Emma, who was basically my supervisor and a bloody lovely one at that, told me that barely anyone accepts the offer to join the team for drinks after work, which I found absolutely absurd as it’s a great networking opportunity! When I went I met someone who works with heat and now have two weeks with them lined up for this month because of her, so if you get invited for drinks then go go go – just make sure you don’t get hideously drunk and embarrass yourself in front of everyone, I had a friend who did this and the results weren’t pretty!




I’m not saying my internship was all fun and games and I did feel like a right plonker one Wednesday afternoon after being refused entry to the tube because the press loan (a fucking wooden chair!) I was trying to bring back the office was too big to fit through the barriers. The looks I got as I struggled down Tottenham High Street with the massive box the chair came in definitely made me want to stop and write ‘spot the intern’ with a big arrow pointing up to me, but I would still recommend interning to anyone who’s thinking about it!




I would also highly recommend interning at FHM as the team are lovely and a right laugh (also the guys are soooo fit), if you fancy joining them for two weeks then definitely apply! My friend is with them at the moment and just a free tablet from Google so you’d be foolish not to really.

I bagged my experience through GoThinkBig and it’s well worth checking out their site for other great opportunities and advice!


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