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Interview with Condé Nast's Talent Manager, Charlotte Farleigh - Intern Wardrobe

Interview with Condé Nast’s Talent Manager, Charlotte Farleigh

| On 03, Mar 2016

Admit it, we’ve all dreamt about what our first day walking through the revolving doors of Vogue House would be like. What we would wear, what unique way we would stand out from the crowd, how we would act seeing our favourite Editors in action.

But one question tends to plague us: how do we get in?

Our Editor, Annabelle, wanted to find out from the source what it really takes to bag a role at every fashion intern’s mecca. Speaking to Charlotte Farleigh, Talent Manager at Condé Nast, Annabelle finds out how Charlotte got started, what she looks for in new employees and her advice to young ambitionistas.

What inspired you to start working towards your career as Talent Manager at Condé Nast?

“I have always adored magazines and working within the publishing industry has enabled me to align my career with my passion. I identify with so many of the Condé Nast brands and being able to recruit for the most prestigious publishing house is a dream come true for me.”

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Did you go to university?

“I did go to university; I studied Politics & Eastern European Studies at UCL as an undergrad and then went on to attend The College of Law to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law and the Legal Practice Course. A career in recruitment isn’t something that had crossed my mind at this point and I was certain that I wanted to be a lawyer so I was focused on achieving the necessary qualifications to get where I needed to be.” 

“I had always had a strong sense of direction when it came to my career”


What were you doing before you arrived at Conde Nast?

“When I graduated from law school I worked at the law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer for 18 months before realising that a career as a lawyer wasn’t as I had imagined it to be. I had always had a strong sense of direction when it came to my career so it was a difficult decision for me to leave the law and change my career path. In hindsight, I wouldn’t change a thing as all of my experiences have brought me to where I am today and I am thankful for that.”

What does a normal day look like for a Talent Manager?

“My job is so diverse and each day is different. My time is spent meeting with Hiring Managers across all of the departments discussing their recruitment plans, advertising vacancies, creating shortlists, interviewing candidates, making job offers and also working on strategic projects to improve the recruitment process and our employer brand.”


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“I have received 1,241 [applications] for a Fashion Assistant at Tatler”

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

“The launch of our new careers website was a particularly proud moment for me. The project took me almost a year to complete and has hugely improved the efficiency of the recruitment process by saving Managers time and making the application process a better experience for candidates.

At any one time we can have up to 40 vacancies and the most applications I have received was 1,241 for a Fashion Assistant at Tatler after the documentary Posh People: Inside Tatler aired on BBC.

I worked with an external provider to design a completely bespoke Applicant Tracking  System (ATS) to track candidates throughout the application process and create talent pools for future positions.  Following this the Condé Nast UK Digital Team collaborated with me to design the new Career Page on our UK website and the branding of the ATS system.

The new website gives the outside world a glimpse at what makes working at Condé Nast so appealing. We created a ‘Meet the Team’ section to show the diversity of the roles and people within the business and also shared information on benefits, workplace shadowing and our Advertising Sales Graduate Scheme.”

PROUD MOMENT @condenastjobsuk #launchday #imadethis

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“I would have loved to complete an internship at House & Garden or The World of Interiors”


Looking back, what would have been your dream internship?

“All of my internships were at law firms but looking back I would have loved to complete an internship at House & Garden or The World of Interiors. Interior Design is something I have always been passionate about and I still look forward to reading both magazines each month.”

When your outfit matches the February issue @houseandgardenuk A photo posted by @charlottefarleigh on


What do you look for in entry-level talent?

“Passionate and ambitious people who are polite and conscientious with a positive attitude and a great work ethic.”

What are your biggest CV red flags?

“Poor spelling, grammatical errors and the absence of dates next to previous employment history. I like CVs to be concise yet contain enough detail to entice me to want to find out more about the candidate.”

“My approach to my own career has always been you get out what you put in”


What are your tips for succeeding in the industry?

“To succeed in this industry you must be resilient. We receive a huge number of applications for each vacancy and the competition is extremely high but it is important not to be disheartened. To me success is about enjoying what you do and having a balance. You should keep your goals in mind but remember to have fun along the way. My approach to my own career has always been ‘you get out what you put in’. Never make the mistake of thinking you know everything there is to know, you should always keep learning and have the confidence and self-belief to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.”

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Do you think internships are worth it?

“Internships are a really great introduction to the world of work and a brilliant opportunity to understand the culture of a business and the different roles that make up a successful organisation. They also provide you with the chance to network and meet people in the industry that you want to work in and start to build relationships. At Condé Nast Britain we have a number of paid 6 month internship opportunities available across the various departments. For more information please visit the ‘current vacancies’ page of our careers website.”

A massive thank you to Charlotte Farleigh and Condé Nast Britain for letting us hear a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes. To apply to any of the current vacancies visit 

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