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Creating Apps - An Internship - Intern Wardrobe

Creating Apps – An Internship
Mayran Osman

Last month I completed my work experience with YouthNet, O2 and GoThinkBig.

Project Magenta was about creating an app which motivates young people to continue searching for work. Being part of Project Magenta allowed me to meet new people, learn new skills and create an app.

Co-creation session:

The first session was about getting to know everyone in the team, we were paired up and had to create a persona about a young individual who lacked confidence, motivation and was unsure of what path they wanted to take in their life. Eventually, we split up into groups of four and had to create an app concept which would be perfect for that particular individual. We then had to pitch our idea to the YouthNet staff and they loved it!


Appshed is great for creating a simple app without all the programming jargon. I actually wrote a feature on what to consider when creating an app here whilst doing work experience with GoThinkBig. I hope it helps.


Having the guys from FreeFormers HQ teach us basic HTML was great fun!  We also learnt about the dangers of the internet, marketing on Facebook and how to create a web page which supports phones.

In the last round of the project, we pitched our app ideas to The Head of GoThinkBig, CEO of YouthNet and Marketing Director at O2. It was frightening at first, however practicing made it easier.

The app will be launched in September – I will post about it when it is launched so everyone can use it and see what an awesome creation it is!

If you want to connect on linkedin, feel free to, just click here and connect with me, I’ll be sure to accept everyone!

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