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Working for the Little Guys at GoThinkBig! - Intern Wardrobe

Working for the Little Guys at GoThinkBig!
Frederica Palmer

After my two-week stint at FHM I decided to apply for some more work experience and put myself forward for an editorial internship with the folks behind GoThinkBig!

When applying for work experience I’d always gone straight for the big brand names, but out of all my internships my two weeks at GoThinkBig were definitely the most helpful in terms of working out my career goals and making the most of my time. If you’re thinking of applying for some work experience in the near future then don’t forget the little guys!


GoThinkBig is all about helping young people between the ages of 16-24 get their foot on the career ladder, which means this is probably one of the best places you can go to for work experience as everyone who works there is dedicated to helping you get your dream job (ideal, right?). Having just celebrated their 2nd birthday the team is still pretty small, but that meant I got to know everyone who works there really well!

On my first day it was clear my supervisor (who was bloody lovely!) was just excited about my placement as I was and she’d arranged a ton of things for me to do during my two weeks, meaning I was never bored! From pitching ideas in the editorial meetings to running the social media accounts and live tweeting from the Girls Talk London event, I really got to experience everything during my placement. I’m now also thinking about a career in social media, which I hadn’t even considered before!


I also got to spend a week with the opportunities team after I told my supervisor that I wanted to learn some basic admin skills to make me more employable for postgrad jobs. Even though some of the work wasn’t quite as fun as writing about how dressing as an elf this Christmas will help you get your dream job… the team were great fun and I absolutely loved helping them organise their upcoming GoThinkBig sessions. I had to call colleges and universities to promote the event and create spreadsheets tracking these calls. I also learnt skills like tracking added value and managing budgets (it’s honestly not as hard and complicated as it sounds!).

The team also offered to take a look at my CV and cover letter and gave me some really great and constructive feedback on both. At the end of my two weeks I sat down with my supervisor for a performance based review. She advised me on where I should go from here career wise – I think this was probably one of the best things about my placements and no other internship I’ve been on so far has done this!


GoThinkBig are currently looking for someone to help out them out during December, so if you fancy boosting your CV with some work experience and having a bit of fun while you do it then I’d definitely recommend applying here!

Oh, and did I mention that every Wednesday a man selling brownies visits the team? If you end up interning with the team then I’d definitely recommend trying the rum one! Seriously, whoever mixed booze and chocolate together is a bloody genius!



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