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What are the highest earning jobs in fashion? - Intern Wardrobe

What are the highest earning jobs in fashion?

| On 01, Feb 2016

The perfect wardrobe, dream apartment, an office with a view. We all have sky high ambitions that keep us going during the third office coffee run of the day. 

But what about the people currently in those positions? Luckily, Fashionista has published their annual salary survey, asking some of fashion's biggest hitters from the likes of Condé Nast, Hearst, Chanel and Prada to disclose their income. 

Scroll down to get a look at what you could be earning with the highest paid jobs in fashion... 


Assistant Technical Designer: $36,000
Associate Technical Designer: $44,000
Assistant Designer: $61,000
Associate Designer: $65,000
Technical Designer: $72,000
Designer: $95,000
Senior Designer: $104,000
Senior Technical Designer: $120,000
Creative Director: $157,000
Design Director: $163,000


Associate Publicist: $40,000
Publicist: $56,000
Senior Publicist: $66,000
Publicity Director: $101,000
Vice President Publicity: $170,000


Assistant Market Editor: $33,000
Editorial Assistant: $42,000
Assistant Editor: $46,000
Associate Editor: $47,000
Associate Market Editor: $47,000
Copy Editor: $49,000
Writer: $59,000
Researcher: $59,000
Assistant Designer: $61,000
Managing Editor: $62,000
Editor: $67,000
Senior Editor: $67,000
Senior Market Editor: $74,000
Senior Writer: $92,000
Editor at Large: $106,000
Director Level Editor: $143,000


Associate Marketing Manager: $43,000
Bookings Director: $54,000
Marketing Manager: $89,000
Senior Bookings Editor: $108,000
Marketing Director: $122,000


Assistant Graphic Designer: $33,000
Assistant Photo Editor: $34,000
Graphic Designer: $75,000
Stylist's Assistant: $80,000
Senior Graphic Designer: $82,000
Photo Editor: $91,000
Stylist: $95,000
Design Director: $183,000
Creative Director: $206,000


Social Marketing Manager, Entry Level: $41,000
Social Media Manager, Mid Level: $47,000
Social Media Manager, Senior Level: $53,000

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