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An Expensive Internship at House of Holland - Intern Wardrobe

An Expensive Internship at House of Holland
Briley Powell

Interning is easily the most beneficial thing I’ve participated in thus far, yet it was certainly the most difficult.

Not because of the company (it was actually fantastic) but because of the general situation of working for free. Technically, I was being paid with experience… but experience doesn’t pay the bills!


I saw on social media that one of my favourite fashion brands, House of Holland, were looking for an admin intern. Prior to this, I held no experience in the industry so I didn’t even feel it was worth applying. Why would a successful British fashion brand want me as an intern? I’d spent a whole evening deliberating over what to put in the cover letter but no matter what I wrote, it was just a sugar coated: “Please give me a chance!”.


About 2 days later, I received an email asking if I was available that week to go into the studio and compile an inventory of their current stock. I dropped everything and booked a train to head there. I spent the entire 3 hour journey anxious about what to expect; for all I knew, I was the star of the next Devil Wears Prada sequel! As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed warmly and I had a very brief introduction on what to do before being thrown in at the deep end. Before I knew it, I was travelling back and forth a few days a week but despite being offered a full time internship, I couldn’t commit the time or money.


However, I kept in touch with Henry Hollands’ PA and and after a few months of saving up money I took up the full time internship. It is safe to say it was an overwhelming experience! I got to assist on photo shoots, jabber with celebrities and industry insiders and rummage through archives of previous seasons. I also got to work London Fashion Week which was a big tick off of my bucket list. Interning wasn’t all work and no play either! There was the after party, complete with a free bar and a jam packed guest list in the basement of a swanky hotel.


But just when you begin to feel like you are a fully fledged grown up and living the dream, you find yourself heading back to your tiny one bedroom apartment all alone where you live off super noodles and blackcurrant squash. This is what makes it all so exceptionally frustrating. After all, I was ‘just an intern’.


I wish I could say interning is a done deal and that if you commit yourself to six months of work experience, you’re guaranteed a job in your chosen field at the end of it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. However, it sure does get your black chelsea boots in the door and for that reason, I would be a fool not to recommend it.

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