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How to be a Professional Procrastinator - Intern Wardrobe

How to be a Professional Procrastinator
Amelia Vincent

Rejoice! Amelia has discovered spending loads of time on Tumblr IS A JOB!


A few weeks ago, I struck a miraculous bit of luck with regards to the job hunt…

A friend asked me if I had seen the tweet asking for someone to do work experience in the editorial division. I immediately sent what I hoped was an enthusiastic email accompanied by my CV. In hindsight I realise my enthusiasm may have actually come across a little bit desperate but clearly they were equally desperate for someone to fill the spot because they asked me to start on Monday (just three days later!)

After a few initial panics – What do I wear? What if I’m terrible? Will there be other interns? I felt nowhere near prepared and realised my immediate concerns might have been more productive had I thought eek where do I go? How should I get there? I need to find cover for my part time job! Consequently I rolled out of bed at 6.30am on my first day in a fluster to print off my contract and slapped as much make up on as possible to cover up my sleepy eyes.

I started my commute at 7.30am each morning; employing the tactic of paying for a ticket and coffee on my credit card so as not to break down at the sight of my bank account creeping closer to my overdraft limit.

I fell into the routine surprisingly fast and the long hours went surprisingly fast; I felt productive and purposeful for the first time in ages. During the brief two weeks I was extremely unlucky when choosing seats on trains. Incidents with other passengers included:

  • A german couple with 3 gigantic suitcases deciding to cram into 2 empty seats next to me with all their luggage. And then a mouthy irish woman deciding to sit opposite and continuously moan about them whilst trying to catch my eye for backup.
  • The world’s sweatiest man sitting down next to me, the arm of my cardigan became his personal towel.
  • A girl of about 8 opening a sachet of ketchup so that it spurted all over my legs, new shoes and skirt. The mum used all the napkins on her daughter.

Anyway, enough of commuting and on to the internship itself…

Everyone in the office was friendly and it had a youthful, laid back atmosphere. Regrettably I did make a social blunder in the first 10 minutes by throwing a sarcastic comment out there to break the ice. It went down in silence and with awkward stares. My bad. But from then on they were encouraging (despite my panic and initial struggle trying to think of unique website content).

I surprised myself by getting to grips with the formatting software quickly and soon had plenty of ideas to write up…

It turns out these people are masters of procrastination and are making careers out of it (alongside the obligatory editorial skills).

I was right at home, because who else knows procrastination better than an unemployed graduate? As a result I have become addicted to websites such as Stumbleupon, Reddit, Imgur and Buzzfeed.

After two weeks I was gutted how quickly it went and was upset to return to unemployment combined with rubbish part time work. Thankfully though, I now have editorial work to show future employers. Despite being just a fortnight, it has really helped my future career.

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