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In my experience, it’s all about experience - Intern Wardrobe

In my experience, it’s all about experience
Erin Galey
  • On February 7, 2015

The academic route isn’t for everyone.

This is a fact which I never thought applied to me until the summer after my first year at sixth form. The stress of keeping up with three intense essay based subjects, as well as the heavy coursework which came alongside film studies, was too much for me to continue with and I decided that it would be best not to go back for the second year.


I considered the various options that were available. I could have continued my part time job in retail as a full time occupation; taken a course at a different college studying a course that suited my learning style better or signed up for an apprenticeship.

With the help of my family and friends I decided on applying to some local apprenticeships. Having completely fallen head over heels in love with film studies in the year I’d been taking it, I looked for vacancies which allowed me to do some kind of video making or media writing.

watching movies

After almost a month of searching I found a vacancy posted by Recruitment International. I didn’t want to work in recruitment – I’m not nearly outgoing enough – but I clicked on the link regardless since it had been posted under the media section and I was interested to find out more. I was surprised to find out that Recruitment International actually runs a magazine!

The description boasted that I would have the chance to work on article editing, video making and using social media alongside various administrative tasks. It looked absolutely perfect, but I was slightly apprehensive as the qualification that this vacancy offered was in business administration, not a field I was overly enthusiastic about.


I applied and went to the interview anyway and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been working for Recruitment International since November and it’s been brilliant.

My job title is ‘editorial apprentice’ and it is one I wear with pride. Most of my time is shared equally between editing and posting news stories on the company website and updating the social media feeds. However, when an event is coming up some time is set aside to get delegates from recruitment agencies booked in. Eventually there will also be opportunities to help create videos documenting these events.

Spacey-Yay (1)

The best part of the apprenticeship so far has to be my latest project. Currently I am helping to redesign the news pages for the magazine to bring it more up to date. Seeing my work in print is going to be amazing – it’s such an incredible opportunity to showcase what I’ve learnt in the past few months.

What I’m trying to get at is that if you’ve chosen not to take the academic route then it’s the experience that counts. Don’t get hung up on qualifications. There’s a bright career ahead of you and there are plenty of employers ready to help you learn that.

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