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"It is all about who you know and timing as well as hard work and talent" - An interview with Kaley Beardmore - Intern Wardrobe

“It is all about who you know and timing as well as hard work and talent” – An interview with Kaley Beardmore
Annabelle Slator

We love chatting to ambitious people with awesome jobs. We sat with Kaley Beardmore from Fashion Feed and Couture Crush to talk about her career path and future projects…


Where did your interest in fashion and fashion design come from?

 My textiles teacher at school was inspirational, I remember one day she bought in one of her university projects. Looking at what she had created from her original ‘building and structure’ inspiration was amazing; I was hooked with from then on wards with looking at interesting things! My degree was in ‘Textiles for Fashion’ at Leeds University, where I created dresses from plastics and had a simple approach to creating structure within garments. Of course what I created was more like art however, the concepts were easily transferable into ready to wear detail. I loved my degree, but with an Aunty in buying for a major high street chain I soon took a more commercial path…


What made you want to create the Fashion Feed platform? Explain to us how it works.

After being a Fashion Buyer within large blue chip retailers for years, I began to feel slightly uninspired. I realised that everyone followed the same catwalks, the same trends filtered through the same factories and retailers and all the high street stores started to merge into one. As a result of this, no one seemed to look individual and with the emerging ‘street style’ trend, I realised that looking different was THE NEW trend. As a result of this and my obsession with finding new and innovative things to look at Fashion Feed was born. The platform is designed to provide a free portfolio & market place in one, getting designers noticed through our network of partners and connecting them to consumers all hungry for individuality. It’s that simple, this is what we do! Well, that along with things like our new Graduate Fashion Week competition:


Was there work experience or an internship that led you into this field?

 Yes, I remember doing my year out at university although thinking about how long ago that was is not good! It did not directly affect what I do now however, it did shape my whole career journey. Doing a year out in buying meant I knew exactly what was involved. Long hours, stress and large busy environments were all part of the experience, but this was BY FAR out weighed by how much I loved the job. Seeing someone walk down the street in something you bought for the customer of that company is THE biggest buzz. It never gets old. My year out was probably the most important year of my career and I would not be here without it.


Before founding Fashion Feed, what would have been your dream internship?

It’s hard to say, landing my first job at Next as a trainee buyer out of university was the best luck I ever had! I think it’s not so much about the dream internship; it’s more about the right time and the people/contacts you meet there. I know I’ve made some great connections and friends throughout my career… to some extent it is all about who you know and timing as well as hard work and talent. Take every opportunity you get if its your dream job or not, everything leads somewhere!

What does the future hold for Fashion Feed?

 We will continue to grow Fashion Feed as quickly as possible, luckily we have a strong team including a FAB intern Sarah who is great at what she does and has achieved so much for her age. I love working with driven and inspiration people like her and I hope that working on the Fashion Feed project will bring her invaluable experience. Fashion Feed has so many plans to expose emerging talent in any way we can, from fashion shows to giving one of our members the chance to be selected and have their collection made by a well known retailer yet to be announced. So watch this space as we continue our obsession with emerging talent and connecting the hottest newest creators to demanding consumers looking for the newest thing.

If you want to get involved with the ambitious lot at Fashion Feed, check out Kaley’s site:

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