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How to get Morning Motivated - Intern Wardrobe

How to get Morning Motivated

| On 26, Jan 2016

Getting up at 7am straight up sucks. Leaving your cozy bed and entering the cold harsh world of work is the last thing we want to be doing when the sun hasn’t even risen yet. But if you want to be a person with a bad ass career by the time you’re 30, lie ins aren’t usually an option. Scroll down to read our tips on how to function slightly better at the crack of fucking dawn.

Get your outfit prepped


Picking out a killer outfit the night before cuts down precious minutes that you could be sleeping through. We barely remember how to brush our teeth in the morning let only put together a fashion industry worthy look. Check out apps like Stylebook and Cluise; virtual closets (like Cher’s in Clueless – the future is here!) and super helpful for planning chic and fresh looks.


Make breakfast

buffy breakfast

Overnight oats are EVERYTHING. Quick, cheap and portable. Eat these on the bus or at your desk and be the envy of your office. Check out loads of different recipes here:



shower gif

Use all the spare time you’ve stocked up to have a bloody decent shower. Exfoliate that gorge face to make you look and feel more awake. You’ll be invigorated and ready to kick ass in no time!




If you’re anything like us, your commute can be a serious drag, choosing between an hour on the bus or suck in someone’s armpit on the tube is not the nicest way to spend your morning. We suggest an empowering podcast to get you through the journey. Try The Fempire Podcast, Anna Faris’s Unqualified or #GirlBoss Radio for some inspiring morning vibes. 


Clean your room


Waking up in a clean environment can really uplift your ‘not a morning person’ attitude. Trust us, tripping over yesterday’s outfit on the way to the bathroom at 7am is not a great start to the day, tidy that shit up. 


To do list


Nothing is worse than being kept awake by tomorrow’s tasks. Invest in an awesome day planner and organise your day, you’ll sleep much better knowing you haven’t forgotten anything.


Coffee coffee coffee


If none of the above are working for you…


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